In Family Therapy, the entire family unit is considered “the client”. When our partner or child is upset, there is a stress that affects all members of the family. Healthy families fulfill deep needs for sharing and love, which promotes healthy individual development and maturity. The support of a loving and caring family is the foundation for positive self-esteem and security, qualities that help forge successful future relationships of all kinds. Therefore, it is paramount to address disruptive issues before their effects create serious, long-term dysfunction.

I work with your family to help enhance communication between all family members with respect and acceptance. With better communication, the quality of your relationships improves tremendously, affecting the quality of each of your individual lives. As an objective observer, I point out where the breakdowns occur between your family members and make suggestions on how to change the unproductive dynamics that you may be unaware of or unable to change on your own. Together we investigate your cultural and familial beliefs passed down from previous generations and discern how they might be impacting your family dynamic. We explore, experiment and practice new ways to deal with difficult situations until we find what works. Once new awareness surfaces, families find that the quality of their lives significantly improves on a daily basis. I support and promote empathy, respect, responsibility, acceptance, and the integrity of every member in the family. There is nothing more satisfying than a supportive and loving family.

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“Having a place to go—is a home. Having someone to love—is a family. Having both—is a blessing.”

Donna Hedges