Influences on children begin even before they are born. During the gestational period Mom’s hormones, nutrition, lifestyle choice and perspective help form the cognitive and physical makeup of the unborn baby. The birthing experience itself can be stressful for both baby and mother. Adopted children experience traumas as well, many that the adoptive parents aren’t even apprised of. The field of neuroscience tells us that these events play an active role in a baby’s development with potentially lifelong outcomes. In addition, children come into the world with their own, unique temperament. If their temperament is dissimilar to yours, your child and you may feel alienated or disconnected from each other. All these events occur before Baby even walks or talks! No wonder even the best meaning parents find it confusing when their child seems unhappy and they don’t know why or what to do about it.

The good news is that pre-verbal events that have impacted your child can be healed through the curative powers inherent in play. I strategically utilize play therapy to help your child express what is troubling him/her. In play therapy, toys are like your child’s words and play is his/her language. Through play, I am able to help your child learn more adaptive behaviors when there are emotional or social skills deficits. The positive relationship that develops between us during play therapy sessions provides a corrective emotional experience necessary for healing. Through play therapy, I am able to promote cognitive development by providing insight, interpretation and resolution to inner conflicts or dysfunctional thinking.

Included in play therapy is Sandplay Therapy, a type of play that allows an individual (both children and adults) to participate in a non-verbal creative process. By building scenes with miniature figures in a sandtray, an individual uses his/her imagination to create a three-dimensional personal expression of his/her inner world. Developed by Dora Kalff, she found that with this process her clients were able to connect with their psyche’s self-healing powers. She felt that the psyche, when given an opportunity, has the ability to heal itself.

Certified Sandplay Practitioner

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Child psychotherapist

“Talk with your children and you will hear their voice. Walk with them through life and you will feel their heart.”

Geoff Reese