Laurie Javier Marin County Psychotherapy

Background: In my life, I have encountered numerous challenges and had to make difficult choices drawing upon courage and determination. I have lived in several states and countries, had success in several different industries and finally made my way to San Francisco where I settled down, got married and started a family. Throughout this journey I have always sought ways to be happy and content while being true to myself.  Marriage brought the challenges of intimacy in communication and sexuality, financial setbacks and family conflicts. Parenting brought the challenges of complicated child-rearing issues from learning challenges to risk-taking behaviors. Trying to keep a healthy balance between work and family while maintaining my own identity and fostering love and respect in my relationships hasn’t been easy. Throughout these experiences, I sought the help of talented therapists. The work we did together profoundly helped me find the guidance I needed. The efficacy of psychotherapy in my own life is what led me to become a therapist.

Education, Career and Life path: At Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising. I worked in the apparel industry in NYC for 11 years before moving to San Francisco. I met my husband and started a family. With two small children I found a way to work from home in a financial business. When my children were in high school I returned to graduate school to become a psychotherapist, graduating from Meridian University, Petaluma, CA, with a Masters in Arts in Counseling Psychology. I have worked in mental health agencies in Santa Rosa, San Francisco and Marin, as well as in an elementary school, grades K through 5, before starting a private practice.

Therapeutic Approach: Integrative psychotherapy, tailoring my approach based on your needs.

  • Psychodynamic: This approach is characterized by a close working partnership between you and me. You learn about yourself by exploring interactions in the therapeutic relationship. Together we focus on understanding the problems or symptoms you are currently experiencing by helping you recognize how the past is being repeated in the present. We use creative techniques to tap into the unconscious mind, which holds the key to the past and affects clarity in the present.
  • Attachment Theory: This approach is based on early patterns of attachment between parents and children. Those patterns inform our current ways of relating to others.
  • Mindfulness Meditation: A type of meditation that promotes a moment-to-moment awareness of your experience, without judgment. Benefits are numerous and include enhanced self-insight, morality, intuition and fear modulation. Evidence also suggests that mindfulness meditation has numerous health benefits, from increased immune functioning to well-being and reduction in psychological distress.
  • Hakomi: An experiential, body-centered, somatic psychotherapy that promotes present moment awareness. The work facilitates the ability to discover your deepest emotional attitudes. Once these attitudes become known, change occurs as a natural outcome.
  • Sandplay Therapy: By utilizing miniature figures in a small sand tray, you are given the possibility to set up a world corresponding to your inner state. In this manner, through creative play, unconscious processes are made visible in a three-dimensional form. Deep healing occurs when subconscious material is given the opportunity to emerge. Suitable for adults and children. Certified Sandplay Practitioner
  • Play Therapy: See description under the Children tab.

“Happiness becomes accessible when one can see goodness and value in oneself and in others.”

Laurie Javier